design star and #sewingqueen melisaminca/

in the ICONIC/ photoshoot by Amiee Oh.



who are you?

Bratislava-born Berlin-based self-taught #upcycler with an ethical clothing label and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development and Politics. I love bryndza /we wiki’d that for you – FF/, taking trips, and going to free parties. Recently I have also discovered I’m a control freak and miss paranoia

where is your authentic style coming from?

ooof, everywhere. I haven’t pinpointed the source yet. I focus more on the vibe and feeling, which the piece of clothing could /and should/ evoke in the wearer. It depends on my mood a lot. I catch myself riding the trend sometimes, even though I try hard to resist

who annoys you among your competitors?

I don’t see similar brands as competition. If your goal really is sustainability and fundamental transformation of the system – collaboration is the key

who inspires you?

my mom, because she’s so strong.
and sometimes certain people inspire me in the way they behave. I start imagining clothing I’d design and put on them

who would you like to collab with?

Tyra Banks, she’d make me a millionaire with her business knowledge.
but seriously, @gmbh_official, @dominika_kozakova_, @curatedbygirls, @100einhundert, @ageofaquaria

what makes you feel sexy?




text Vlad Turanski

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